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September 2017 Archives

Man accused of child abduction points out custody dispute issues

Child custody cases can quickly become contentious, and without the right mediation, they can turn into child kidnapping cases. While not all parents would turn to such extreme measures, those who feel they have no chance to be with their children might do so.

A domestic partnership adoption may have benefits for your family

When you want to adopt a child, you might run into an issue where you're not married but want to adopt with your partner. Whether you're hetero or homosexual makes no difference; a domestic partner adoption requires you to have at least parent go through the adoption process if he or she is not related to the child but would like to obtain parental rights.

Supreme Court ruling could change your military divorce agreement

In a landmark case, the Supreme Court determined that the spouses of military retirees who suffer from service-related disabilities may end up with a reduced share of the individual's pension. When a military member elects to receive disability pay from the Veteran's Association, it offsets what he or she owes to his or her spouse, and ends up gaining the military member a higher income in exchange.

Make financial withdrawals before you file for a divorce

If you are considering getting a divorce, you may want to think about starting a separate bank account now. If you don't and only have a shared account when you file, you may be restricted to not using the account until your assets are divided. This could be difficult for you, especially if you have no way to reroute payments or don't have a job to support yourself.