Experienced Attorney Providing Military Advocacy And Defense

I am Vista attorney William Sams, and I bring the military work ethic, discipline and pride to my legal practice. With over 30 years legal experience both in the military and private practice, I know how the legal system works for military personnel and civilians.

Trust your case to a knowledgeable attorney. Call me at 760-659-2257 or contact me online.

In my active duty military service, and now as a lawyer in private practice, I have extensive experience and have been involved in hundreds of military proceedings, including:

  • Courts-Martial
  • Article 32 Investigations
  • Administrative Discharge Boards (ADB)
  • Boards of Inquiry
  • Complaint of Wrongs

Put A Former Military Judge And JAG On Your Side

As a former military judge and career Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) and now as a private attorney, I know the ins and outs of the military legal system. I have represented clients serving in all branches of the armed services all over the world, and I can provide confidential, honest and aggressive representation for you, too.

If you are facing any kind of disciplinary or administrative action, you need to know your rights before you do anything. The stakes are too high to make a mistake. Do not let anyone tell you that you don't have a chance and should just give up.

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Contact me, attorney William Sams, today. I am an independent lawyer, not subject to any command or service pressure. I work for you, not the military. All conferences with me are confidential. My office is in Vista, and I represent clients in California and military personnel worldwide.